Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wandering minds-Trip Hop mix 10-2007 - Lofi Freq in the mix

So I know you know I play records...
So I dug up a mix i did in 07. yea!
A little chill one! Super kick back and enjoy the day music.
I just started mixing and grabbing wax. no order no method.
Really some of the songs mixed I have never tried together till that mix.
I was up and jamming so I hit record!

You can download it off of my sound cloud site.

Wandering minds-Trip Hop mix 10-2007 - Lofi Freq in the mix

Burn a cd and enjoy!
Share with someone you know will like it and give me some feedback
Thanks ! Enjoy!

Neotripic-Beached - Lofi Freq-remix

New Track up on sound cloud!
This is a special song and I felt it was time to remix and bring it back from 12 years ago.

Neotripic-Beached - Lofi Freq-remix < listen

Monday, April 19, 2010

Coachella 2010 - Bending tones and twangy strange sounds penetrated through the sea of glossy eyed patrons.

Coachella !
I got to see - - John waters !! So dark, funny & dirty old man! LOL
BASSNECTAR SLAMMMMED out the original remixes and sick BASS..
FAITH NO MORE !! ROCKED - they opened with Reunited by peaches and herb.. and it was so so good! ! The Epic off (The Real Thing) Was so great live !! the synths sounded cool and jamming !!
Flowing strange plucking piano tones.. wild!
I walked a bit caught some MGMT they sounded cool..
Then walked to see .. Major Lazer .. It was all hype :(
Real lame.. no bass frequencies at all. all stage glamor and no punch.
Not impressive one bit.. :(
So i took a quick nap after eatting a coconut and got rest for
Shit this man can put on a show ! I have seen Primus 4 times in the 90's but this was a different show totally!
Live marimba / percussionist and cello player insane musicians ! !
Made the stage flow with tones and vivid sounds!!
and Les he was the man! thumping and slapping out some of the wildest bass lines . Mid show he grabbed his pig face mask and grabbed the up rite bass!! such a showman and a musical wizard!
Bending tones and twangy strange sounds penetrated through the sea of glossy eyes patrons.

I made it out of that tent just in time for the end of Z-trips set
just catching the most insane remix of the beatles taxman! with great visuals that were saying fuck the IRS and other amazing words of the anti establishment big brother nature! ! ! youtube it.. so great!

I cant really say much but WOW
I have been to shows but never have I seen so many people crammed into one tent at coachella. I made my way to the middle of the front stage and held my ground. I was in. Ready waiting. Then with a
burst of white light Dj Hi Tek walked out to his tower of a dj stand followed by Yo-Landi Vi$$er and then the Ninja!
all wearing the so famous now b/w hoodies.
They tore the roof off the place
One track they played was nothing but the loudest bass I have ever heard in my life throbbing with small drum hits clicking and Yo-landi hype on the Mic! My face felt like it was melting off... !!!

Dj Hi Tek - massive respect!

Then! the moment i was waiting for 10 + years..
Radio Soulwax -
2 Many Dj's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Stage was cleared of all the fancy towers and dj risers . .
A large black banner was raised covering the back screen
that had the Radio Soulwax transition tower on it!
A long basic table was brought out to the middle of the stage
One of the brothers from 2 many dj's came out
with some crazy radio with some glitch devices hooked up...
scanning the frequencies he would grab chunks and glitch them and stutter parts of the radio incoming frequencies.
he proceeded to step behind the table filled with amazing gear and it was on.......

the best remixing and mashing of songs I have ever witnessed.
I have been a fan of them from the age of 14/15 so this was amazing for me.

They played songs mashed songs together and the whole time
they were doing fun and unique video editing of the actual record covers of the songs they were mashing !!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

45 murder and bass suffication ! Coachella im coming for you!

Yo I killed it lastnight at my hommies loft party!!

I wrecked the place with OG dancehall 45's

massive boom bap sound! Old School Fatboys Run DMC
.. ScRaTchEd Like a Cartoon
Built up to some SICK dubstep and ragga.
All and All SICK WAX session!
Video was taken so I am working on getting some
clips for the website etc!!

I am playing @ coachella sat @ 420
sweatshop mix stage come jam!

Your ass will be moving!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I am going to BURN it down @ COACHELLA Sat @ 4:20 on the Global
Inheritance’s Sweat Shop
Mixer Stage!!


Monday, April 5, 2010

I am going to DJ at Coachella Sweat Shop Mixer!!


You have been selected to DJ at Coachella for Global Inheritance’s Sweat Shop Mixer. Your time slot is on Saturday (April 17) between 420 - 500pm.

!!! Ha HA !!

I will be dropping massive bombs of wax and scratching like a mad man!

New Sampler looks nice!

NEW ! Electron Sampler - Octatrack

coming soon!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Time passes and friends do too.

"Its been a hard 2 years since my best friend died "R.I.P. - G.P.A."

He and I were like brothers.
A constant friendly rivalry with music was the drive
that fired our exploration into experimental electronics.

I remember downloading Circuit bending notes from Reed Ghazala
when we were young teens. ( just found the print up the other day!!! )
This only fueled the fire of passion for the experimental and strange.

As I launch my first web site / Get picked to play Coachella
I cant help but think about my friend and how we would push one another to excel, succeed.
We worked together many years creating songs and sounds on variety's of synthesizers and drum units. When I was 16 I got a job at a local music store. I remember how excited we both were to have a chance to play with whatever we wanted and to have a hefty discount on items!
I worked at that place for 5 years and acquired a massive collection of toys, So did my friend.
This was the dream of two young futurists. I remember his father one day came in the studio
stopped looked around at the overwhelming amount of synthesizers drum machines and other strange objects and said "Are you guys planing on launching a rocket?"

As I sit and look at my selection of keys, samplers and drum machines I can only think
I would give it all away to have my best friend back just for one day.

I sit and listen to new music and think G would have loved this.
So after 2 years the pain is still great and the loss is still fresh.
I hope i can live up to the standards we set for each other.
I miss the critique.
He was always pushing me to become better.

So here is the first step
Wish my friend could see this site, it would make him proud.

Create unique media and spread the wealth of creativity. > VIDEO < by - G.P.A.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

MY website is up!! / Coachella 2010

Almost done with the site!!!
Check it out


Coachella 2010!!

I got picked to play music @ Coachella this year on the SweatShop Mixer at Coachella 2010 Stage!!!!!
I need 12 Friends to help me play!!
This stage is crazy fun!
We will have shirts and Cd for people and I will bring a water gun to spray
my 12 friends while they ride bikes and run on treadmills to powe...r this GREEN stage!!
If your going to Coachella this year LET ME KNOW
I need 12 to help out and we will party the F** Down!
Im thinking camper / Rv ! whoot whoot!
I signed up for this a while back they said they like my music !!!
This is HUGE for me!

Anyone that can help ?
Lets Rock out!