Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Zaptra - "The Wise" Music Video

Zaptra - "The Wise" Music Video | MTV

A lonely sorcerer conjures up a spell to summon female companions but an accident results in a journey beyond his wildest dreams. Music by Zaptra (www.zaptra.com), directed by Danny Kim, produced by Distortion Productions (www.distprod.com)

Artist: Zaptra - Art Paz
Director: Danny Kim

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dj Dusty Fingers aka The LoFi Freq

Some info for gigs and events

My Live PA Show - Lofi Freq
Lofi Freq embodies the crossroad of contemporary electronic music, marrying the classy underbelly of hip-hop lyricism and turntabilism with the ingenuity of modular synthesis and sound design. Taking his roots from the Houston rave scene, LoFi Freq’s sonic viability swells beyond the boundaries of genre and time signature. To typify him as an experimental electronic musician would only hint at the span of his musical exploits.

The music LoFi Freq produces is about subtlety and innovation. Influenced as much by circuit bent Casio keyboards as by modular synthesizers, LoFi Freq’s sinuous beats create bubbling soundscapes that unfurl and modulate into an often base-heavy broken beat pulsing with the saturation of gritty effects and supple layering. A heady combination of old school finesse and new school filtering, LoFi Freq is just as interesting to watch live as he is to listen to.

LoFi Freq leaves no I/O patch untried or frequency unaltered.
An idea of the FreQ Sound

*** My Dj info ***

Dusty Fingers reveals a well-rounded electronic musician that transcends LAs niche underground noise scene to dwell at the cross section of genres. Enriching tracks with unlikely combinations of breakdowns and samples, Dusty Finger’s remixes bridge the timing gaps of dub step, tech-house, glitch and trip-hop. With over 15 years of turntablism notched on his musician’s belt, Dusty Fingers can scratch, drop and layer tracks that would school the new wave of DJs.

Free MIX 3-2011 The Movement!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011