Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mods and more

New sounds and tracks are brewing!
I have been hard at work creating new amalgamations of beats and sounds.
Hope to have some videos up soon.

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Toys Toys Toys! a*k*a Bending time!

My favorite gear of 2011!
Some photos of the studio set up and new modules.

My Tiptop Audio case is almost full!

intellijel designs - corgasmatron - Great Filter
The original circuit was designed by analog guru david g. dixon after carefully studying and analyzing the classic korg ms-20 filter. his work resulted in a completely original circuit based around ssm2164 vca chips. this design is capable of almost identical results but is far more versatile. this is not a clone, it is an entirely new and modern circuit with many enhancements

the corgasmatron's sound can range from ultra clean and precise, to extremely ballsy and dirty.the resonance is incredibly musical 'and is prime for all sorts of experimenting and sound design. the normalling, routing and cv options have been carefully selected to allow for a lot of control over the modules functionality and capabilities.

in addition to traditional filter and vco applications, the corgasmatron can also be used to create formant sounds, work in stereo (use the linked fm2 pots and switch the routing to parallel), fm percussion and so much more.

current: +12v@ 70ma, -12v@ 67ma

The Harvestman - Double Andore
dual A-D envelope generator and 2-channel VCA with digital curve shaping and VCA law selection.

Double Andore features a symmetrical control layout with two identical sides. The top section of each half is an A-D envelope generator. A trigger input is provided, along with "freeze" and "mirror" gate inputs. The former holds the envelope at its current position, and the latter inverts the position of the envelope within its voltage range. The envelope signal passes through a digital curve sharper whose selected curve is numerically displayed. Normally, each half of the module has its shape selection apply to both the Attack and Delay phases of its envelope, but you can enable an alternate mode where the left and right shape select controls instead select different curves for Attack and Decay. Two banks of envelopes are available.

4ms - atoner
atoner is a versatile device used for
* distorting/bit crunching audio
* generating poly-rhythmic cv clocks
* extracting lower harmonics from audio
* pitch shifting/jumping (downwards)

harmonics are extracted from an on-board oscillator or external audio signal and outputted as audio or clock pulses. the position knob sets the cut-off frequency, under which all frequencies will be stepped downwards along a harmonic sequence (octaves, 5ths, 3rds, etc) all the way to sub-audible clicking sounds. thus, a scale or clock signal can be generated from a single tone.

two cv inputs and their respective +/- vary amount knobs modulate the position cut-off. the mix of the two cv inputs plus the position knob is outputted on a cv jack, and another cv output jack provides a steady +10v clock pulse that matches the frequency of the audio output.

4ms - noise swash
noise swash is a chaotic random noise-maker and cv generator, generating its own sounds or working as an audio processor. as a stand-alone device it generates unpredictable continuously morphing oscillations on the audio output jack, and random cv fluctuations out the dual-direction "mood cv" jack. a second cv input jack controls the swash and noisegate sections with positive and negative cv voltage. an audio input jack allows for distorting an audio signal beyond recognition, or using audio to trigger and modulate the chaos. the swash knob is a 10-turn bournes pot for adjusting minor variations

My 1978 KORG MS-10
The MS-10 is a classic analog synth known for great bass and percussive sounds. Released by Korg in 1978, a single VCO is patchable using standard 1/4 inch patch cords to the VCF and VCA. It really is a powerful mono-synth with plenty of knobs and a compact 32-note keyboard. It is CV/Gate controllable.

Roland - Rs 09
The RS-09 is an analog string and organ synthesizer. The string sound and organ sounds are nice, fatty analog sounds. The organ and string sections can be played simultaneously or individually. An ensemble/chorus effect and external sound input.
There are three versions of this unit. The one shown above is a V.3

Busy Desk!
A Dave Smith / Roger Linn - Tempest sits next to an OTO Biscuit and an Octatrack by Elektron


Saturday, November 12, 2011

מĚשּׁ mυşĨĊ ĄήĐ מěШ ÐêэÞ vї฿ẻ!

I have been working on a deeper sound and some new drum ideas.

hope you like em. feel free to share!
New dope lil demo beat ideas!

ćĺØûĎ < Check the link!

**********New Live PA! 100% live sound creation.
LoFi Deep and twisted!

This is my Dave Smith Tempest>into>OTO Biscuit, Elektron Octatrack & Future Retro Revolution.


¡ ãm ŠễĹĺįИģ
דּẽŵ vłИťåĠệ
đŖŨM MĂςĥłŅξ m@ņûàĻŞ. ;)

>>>> Ĩf įמťỀŗĚśťξÐ ĽĒ‡ mỄ ҚŋõШ. <<<<<

- 1984 Roland Tr 626 Manual
- 1985 Sequential Circuits TOM Operation Manual
- 1983 Sequential Circuits Drumtraks Operation Manual


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